Vels Global School

Vels Global School aims to provide the best quality education to its students with a 360-degree learning environment.

We follow an integrated CBSE syllabus and innovative teaching methodologies that are student-friendly and engaging. This further facilitates the student’s ability to develop practical skills through knowledge and understanding. We also instill positive values while nurturing creativity and analytical abilities of children. The school provides a wide variety of co-curricular activities and enrichment programs which gives abundant opportunities for students for their overall development.

The school is committed to delivering the best educational experience to its students in a structured and supportive environment. Our diverse offerings and character education given to the children have contributed to the development of well-rounded professionals.

Vels Global School is defined by its culture of inclusivity that fosters close relationships between students and teachers, made possible with an ideal student-teacher ratio. Students are encouraged to push themselves academically while constantly focusing on the school’s core values of compassion, determination, honesty, and respect.

With a vision of creating the leaders for life, we ensure that children are given a Global exposure in academics, sports and other co-curricular activities. The school aims at providing a conducive learning environment to stimulate the intellectual growth of each child.