Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

The school provides opportunities to all children for engaging themselves in co-curricular activities besides academics.The following are the
co-curricular activities:

Computer Education

Computer Literacy is offered from Grade 1 to make students use the computer as a productive tool and as a means of creativity and self-expression. The curriculum encompasses technological skills based on themes that are current and meaningful. The program helps children build a solid foundation of fundamental learning skills and prepares them for the fast changing technology of today and the future.

Drawing & Painting

The techniques of sketching still-life, water colour painting and oil painting are taught. Creativity is emphasized in these activities.

Community Service

No education is complete without students being made to feel for the less privileged and marginalized. Community service aims to prepare students for their future by helping them learn what it means to be responsible citizens. Community service teaches students the value of serving others and helps them develop self-discipline and critical thinking skills.

It is vital for students to remain connected with their communities and to be role models. To achieve this, it is essential that students must volunteer in local communities on a regular basis. The school, in association with the Athma Blood Bank, organised a blood donation camp in the school premises. At Vels Global Schools’, we aim to provide opportunities for learners to serve the community and make a real impact on the world

Life Skills

As the children grow, their roles, responsibilities, aspirations and environmental context changes leading to the development of new insights in life skills.

Sports and Games

‘A Sound mind in a sound body.’ This is ensured by making games compulsory for all students. Professionally qualified Physical Education Teachers take care of the sports activities of the school.The Annual Sports meet is a regular feature and an important co-curricular activity of the school.Fitness education empowers students to explore physical activity and practical skills that support a healthy lifestyle.